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Why Choose Us?

I started this website to recycle the old glass in the back field behind my grandparents farm. For many years they used part of the back woods as a dumping ground. This stopped in the 1970's when trash service was available. 

I am trying to help my mother raise the money to purchase this family plot when the unfortunate time comes that my grandfather is no longer with us. 

This is a big job and I am new to glass collecting so I can only promise that I did the best I could to date and identify the items listed in this store. Glass that does not have a date printed on it will still be considered 1970's or earlier due to the verifiable date of my those involved in the dumping. I guarantee nothing more. 

Items are washed due to the fact that I am digging them out of a swampy area. Items are submerged in water first. If air does not escape the contents are left sealed. I do not guarantee contents are accurate only authentic.

Most bottles are full of mud and plants so they will be empty and washed with vinegar based solution before being cataloged and stored. 

I value your satisfaction, however, this is vintage glass so returns are limited and handled on a one on one basis.  

Anything listed that is not glass has been hand made by me. All artwork and jewelry items are private label products and can not be duplicated without express permission.